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This 8 x 14 urban wooden shed is just the right size for storing your bicycles and lawn tools. The slender style lean-to butts right up to your home or fence, making it efficient for small yards and tight spaces. 


The wooden double barn doors with heavy-duty hinges and upgraded locking handles and the grid-pattern window open wide to allow in extra light and airflow. The barn-style wood doors are manufactured with 1" welded steel frames, providing structural integrity and preventing warping and sagging. Upgraded heavy-duty handles with locks are included in this building. This building also has a metal vent for circulation. LuxGuard rubber flooring is installed over pressure-treated plywood and OSB board for extra durability on top of a base of pressure-treated 4 x 4 skids and floor joists.


The exterior walls and doors are built with LP SmartSide engineered wood and trim and LP SmartGuard. This process helps resist termites and fungal decay, providing long-term strength and durability in extreme weather conditions. The radiant barrier on the ceiling helps keep it cooler inside on hot days.


  • 4 x 10 Urban wooden shed
  • Grid-pattern Window
  • 2 Barn-style Wood Steel Frame Doors on Heavy-Duty Hinges
    • Heavy Duty Locking Handles
  • LP SmartSide with LP SmartGuard
    • Helps resist termite and fungal decay in a variety of weather conditions, including extreme humidity, and heavy rains.
  • LuxGuard Rubber Flooring 
    • Durable five-layer floor and pressure-treated wood.
  • Radiant Barrier Ceiling Insulation 
  • Metal Vent
  • Color: Avocado Green
  • Serial #14454


Rent-to-Own options with no credit check. 


This building can be seen at our Philips Highway store and can be purchased from either lot.


Better Buildings

9092 Phillips Hwy

Jacksonville, Florida 32258

Call or Text: 904-525-0528


6263 Roosevelt Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida 32244
Call or Text: 904-720-3144


Better Buildings has over 50 metal sheds for sale and in stock at our Jacksonville lots, or we can custom-build your dream shed.

4 x 10 Urban Wooden Shed with Double Doors, LuxGuard and Radiant Barrier 14454

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Green
    • $173.00/ 60 months
  • We have over 50 metal and wood sheds in stock at our Jacksonville, Florida locations, or we can CUSTOM-BUILD the shed of your dreams. 


    Shed styles: Metal Sheds, Wood Sheds, Storage Sheds, Carports, Garages, Workshops, Cabins, Garden Sheds, Portable Buildings, Cottages, Screen Rooms, Barns with Lofts, Sheds with Dormers, New England-style Sheds and Lofted Barns.



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